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ESC Daily is your number one Australian based Eurovision news website! We are dedicated into bringing you up-to-date news on the Eurovision Song Contest.

ESC Daily was created in October 2009 and officially launched on the 1st of November 2009, by a couple of Australian music journalists with a passion for the contest. They soon gained a lot of support from within Europe as well! Right now, we have editors from all over the world, working around the clock to bring you the news, as it breaks, as your fastest reliable source. One of the strenghts of ESC Daily is that we have several graduated journalists in our team, professionals who have the core values of journalism as their standard.

“Australians love to compete,” said the first Australian Head of Delegation Paul Clarke once to us in an interview. Therefore, ESC Daily approaches the Eurovision Song Contest primarily as a competition, as a sports event almost. We do that for the enthusiastic Aussies who love nothing more than to see their country contend against others. But we also do it for other Eurovision fans all over Europa (and the United States) who have found their way to us.

australia-flag Renee PozziFounder
netherlands-flag Steef van GorkumChief Editor and HR
netherlands-flag Dennis van Eersel Editor and Technician
usa-flag Jill GuthrieEditor
germany-flag Mihalis VollmerEditor
australia-flag Jenny T. Vo Editor
uk-flag Brandon McCannEditor
usa-flag Allie LindoEditor
uk-flag Neil MacInnesEditor
netherlands-flag Emma CoolenEditor
armenia-flag Ani ShahoyanEditor
uk-flag Sadie TrentEditor
poland-flag Monika TrzebińskaEditor

You can contact the members of our team through [email protected]

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