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Armenia: Emmy speaks to ESCDaily!

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We recently spoke to the 2011 Armenian representative in Dusseldorf, Emmy, about the Armenian participation this year in Baku and her plans for 2012! Emmy was a pleasure to talk with and gave us great insight into the contest and Armenia’s participation in May this year!

You can read our full interview below; At first we would like to know your opinion about our participation in Baku, what do you think?

Emmy:Most Armenians have asked this question primarily because of the political situation between our two countries, but I prefer to look at it from an artist’s point of view. After all, this is a song competition, and I think our participation is important for our country. Whom would you like too see in Eurovision 2012?

Emmy:We have so many talented artists in Armenia right now, especially the newer generation. We’ve also had quite a few artists who have taken part in various singing competition around the world, returning back to Armenia with great results and victories. I don’t want to mention any names, but there are definitely a few I would love to see take part in ESC. What advice would you give our next participant?

Emmy:First and foremost, to be sure of him or herself. To look at it as simply an important performance in front of millions of people. The singer is there because he/she wants to show the world how much he/she loves singing. To look at it as simply a competition is too much pressure on the singer. Would you like to come back Eurovision after your disappointing result in 2011?

Emmy:Honestly, I can’t say I’m disappointed. Who knows, maybe there will be another chance for me to return to the ESC stage one day. And what do you think about Dorians, there are rumors that Dorians will represent Armenia?

Emmy:They are a talented team of young musicians. I don’t know if they will take part in ESC 2012, but I do definitely appreciate their talents. Would you tell me please about your plans in 2012?

Emmy:My next single will be a song called “Hayer” which translates to “Armenians” in Armenian. Song composer/producer DerHova and lyricist Avet Barseghyan teamed up to write the song, which will be Armenia’s Olympic anthem this year. We’ll be shooting the music video this month, followed by videos for my songs “Ayo” and “Goodbye”. There are a lot of other great projects in the works, but I want to focus on these 3 first. I’ll leave the rest as surprises throughout the year.

Thank you for a such a great interview!

We’d like to thank Emmy for her time, who represented Armenia in Dusseldorf with “Boom-Boom”! The entry finished in 12th place in semi-final one.

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