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Australian Delegation: “Big names will take part in a national final”

Recently the Head of Delegation for Australia, Paul Clarke, told ESC Daily that the nation has plans for a national final to pick their act for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their main goal is to get the big names in the Australian music industry to take it up against each other. But is that a realistic ambition? 

In Sweden it took many years before all the big names were willing to take part in the same competition. Clarke knows this will be the case in Australia as well and wants to set it up right. This means that it is not sure whether Australia will host a national final the upcoming season, if Australia gets to stay in the contest. “But this is something that we want and we believe that it is possible.”

Isaiah would have taken part in a national final as well

Isaiah Firebrace won the X-Factor in Australia and would have taken part in a national final, if he was asked. “Of course I would have been open to that. It would be great to do it like the other big European countries. I think many big artists would do that. Maybe not Sia, because she is already become successful, but there are a lot of Australian artists that would have done a national selection process.”

2 Responses to “Australian Delegation: “Big names will take part in a national final””

  1. Vitalicus says:

    Reprezentantul Australiei a fost foarte bravo

  2. Kermit says:

    Crowded House, ACDC and INXS please 🙂


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