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Bulgaria: BNT reveals semifinal and final hosts – Milenita and Srebroto!

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BNT has finally confirmed the date of the national final plus revealed the hosts of the two selection shows. 

BNT has announced that Milenita and Srebroto will host the Bulgarian Semifinal on January 14th, plus the National Final on February 29th. The duo are current stars on the Bulgarian series “Pod prikritie” (Undercover). The venue for the final will be the Hall 1 of NDK, which was the first choice of BNT. has informed that there are current negotiations going on between BNT and a major European star to make an appearance at the final.

The first semifinal is due to take place on January 14th at 20:30 and will be broadcast live on BNT 1 and BNT World. The 12 qualifiers to the final will be selected via the combined sms and the Academy, or jury, vote. You can view the list of participants here!


More about the hosts:
Milenita became famous in Bulgaria back in 2003 with the hit “Monogamous” and then with the song “Back”. Her latest hits include “Mahala”, “Black cats” and “No.” Her style is hard to describe, but like her lyrics, her music always sounds original. Milenita is one of the few female artists in Bulgaria who writes her own lyrics and music. She starred in the Bulgarian hit movie “Lora ot sutrin do vecher” (Lora from day to night). Her latest acting role was in the Bulgarian series “Pod prikritie” (Undercover).

Alexander Sano, who is also known as Srebroto, is a Bulgarian actor and musician born in Asenovgrad, but grew up in Ruse. In 2009 he was invited to play one of the main roles in the new Bulgarian movie “TILT”. In “Pod prikritie” (Undercover) he played a thief in a Bulgarian mafia organisation. In the series he is the love-interest of Milenita’s character.

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