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Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova gets into the European Parliament!

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No, she is not applying for a deputy place there, but she still got into the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. On Wednesday, March 28th, the Bulgarian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Sofi Marinova, got her place in the limelight as a part of the pre-celebrations for the International Roma Day (April 7th). She sang in front of an eminent audience – about 300 deputies and official guests, including the Vice-President of the European Commission Viviane Reding and the Vice-President of the European Parliament Othmar Karas.

Liviya Yaroka, a Hungarian deputy of Roma heritage, shared her concern due to discrimination suffered by Roma people. “Roma people have been laid upon discrimination in all of Europe. But what we should figure out is that the reason for such issues is that we do not have enough knowledge of each other’s culture”.

Sofi revealed the essence that we are all alike by singing – some traditional songs in Roma language and then her Eurovision entry – “Love Unlimited”. She told the media later she was surprised that the audience seemed to be aware of the song and liked it, especially the chorus. “It is altogether, these three ingredients – voice, music and lyrics. And three are made from the heart – and this is why it turned out to be that likeable. We are equal to be blamed – the musicians, the lyrics-writer. And Sofi’s voice, too”, she smiles.

You can view footage from her visit (in Bulgarian) below;


Written by: Niky Dimitrov

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