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Norway: Record amount of entries for MGP 2018

Almost 1200 songs have been submitted to Melodi Grand Prix 2018, the Norwegian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a record amount, since it is almost 200 more than on the previous edition.

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Aftermath 2017 (1): JOWST giving Norway back their pride

In the upcoming days, we take a look at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. After not reaching the final in Stockholm, Norway has booked a top 10 place once again. JOWST gave the Norwegians back their pride at Eurovision.

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Kiev 2017: Norwegian juror replaced after negative Ireland comments

Norway has replaced one of this year’s jurors. Per Sundnes gave negative comments on public television in regards to Ireland entry in this year’s contest.

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JOWST: “We use sampled vocals in our performance”

JOWST from Norway have explained in what way they have composed the bridge in their song ‘Grab the moment’ at their press meet and greet in Kiev. “It is samples, like when people make MIDI files on a piano,” they confirm to ESC Daily.

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JOWST: “We will make our show even bigger”

The guys from JOWST in Norway have some big plans for their act at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. “We are going to make our show even bigger, more lights, more visuals, it will all combine with the music better.”

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Norway: “‘Grab the moment’ is an interesting choice”

Jowst and the song ‘Grab the moment’ have to pick up Norway’s good track record at the Eurovision Song Contest. The country did not qualify for the final last year, and now have the chance to return to their old status.

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Norway: JOWST to Kiev with ‘Grab The Moment’

Norway held their annual Melodi Grand Prix tonight to decide their Eurovision entry for 2017 and the winner is Jowst featuring Aleksander Walmann with the song “Grab The Moment”. Ten songs competed to represent Norway with international juries as well as a public vote choosing the winner.

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Norway: Read back our Melodi Grand Prix 2017 liveblog

Who can believe we’ve reached the very last national selection for 2017? But alas, tonight we are here in Norway with NRK and the Melodi Grand Prix 2017. This evening ten artists will compete for the opportunity to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev this May.

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Norway: Listen to all of the MGP songs

Wednesday afternoon (15th February), NRK, the national broadcaster in Norway released  clips of all the songs competing in the MGP national selection. Among the acts competing is Ammunition, which features Åge Sten Nilsen (Wig Wam, 2005). 

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Norway: Åge (WigWam) takes part in national final

Åge Sten Nilsen is on the list for the national final in Norway with his new band Ammunition. The singer already represented Norway in Kiev in 2005 with the band WigWam.

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