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Czech Republic: No confirmation for Eurovision yet (UPDATE)

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There is still no confirmation for Eurovision 2012 from Česká Televize (CT) yet, the EBU member broadcaster for the Czech Republic.

A few days ago, in a chat with CT, the television station confirmed they are finally organising their programming schedule for 2012 but could not confirm if it included Eurovision or not. In September it was reported on that the new director Peter Dvorak wanted to create better relations with EBU. Therefore, fans must wait a little while longer for the Czech Republic to announce their final decision on Eurovision, but signs so far look positive!

The Czech Republic has entered Eurovision on three occasions; from 2007-2009; without qualifying to the final thus far.

Today reports that Ladislav Richtr from CT has made statement to the website about CT’s position in participating once again in the contest; “At present the position of the Czech Television does not change. Czech Television is neither participating in the competition or the contest and will not be transmitting the contest. In previous years the viewers showed their disinterest in the contest”.

Stay tuned for more news!

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