ESC Daily Show

The ESC Daily ShowIn the ESC Daily Show, Steef van Gorkum discusses recent Eurovision developments with the world’s leading Eurovision experts. Clips, quotes and statistics, and a table filled with interesting people. But most of all: strong opinions and provocative statements!

profile SteefPresenter Steef van Gorkum is a young and ambitious journalist from the Netherlands. Over the years, he has built up quite a reputation with his critical questions at the press conferences.

Solid guests and in-depth discussion are key ingredients for the ESC Daily Show. Remember that time when Sietse Bakker called the booing people in the audience ‘childish’? Or when Daniel Gould gave a near perfect prediction of the 2014 final? You can find all the older episodes in our archive here!

Below you can see the latest episode of the ESC Daily Show, recorded at the press center in Stockholm:

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