ESC Daily Show

The ESC Daily ShowIn the ESC Daily Show, Steef van Gorkum discusses recent Eurovision developments with the world’s leading Eurovision experts. Clips, quotes and statistics, and a table filled with interesting people. But most of all: strong opinions and provocative statements!

profile SteefPresenter Steef van Gorkum is a young and ambitious journalist from the Netherlands. Over the years, he has built up quite a reputation with his critical questions at the press conferences.

Solid guests and in-depth discussion are key ingredients for the ESC Daily Show. Remember that time when Sietse Bakker called the booing people in the audience ‘childish’? Or when Daniel Gould gave a near perfect prediction of the 2014 final? In 2016, ESC Daily was invited by the Euroclub to record two episodes of our talkshow there, in front of a live audience! You can find all these legendary episodes in our archive here!

Below you can see the latest episodes of the ESC Daily Show, recorded in Kiev 2017:


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