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Georgia: Anri Jokhadze speaks to ESCDaily!

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Georgia’s representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Anri Jokhadze, spoke with about his Eurovision participation this year.

We asked the Georgian singer many questions about his entry “I’m A Joker”, his impressions about the contest and other important questions. You can read the interview with Anri below; Hello Anri! First, congratulations on being this year’s Georgian representative this year!

Anri Jokhadze: Hello! Thank you very much. Could you tell us a bit about yourself, when you began performing and what kind of music styles you like to perform on stage?

Anri Jokhadze: I have participated in 13 musical contests. I have been performing since the age of 4; the first place I had performed was the Conservatoire’s big stage. Generally I am a pop singer. Do you have any idols? Are there any musicians who inspire you as an artist?

Anri Jokhadze: My favorite musicians are Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. They really inspire me. You will perform “I’m A Joker” in Baku. Can you tell us about the song and what message the song has?

Anri Jokhadze: This song is a part from musical I am going to make; I’ll be its producer. So I have taken this part, it is about a lonesome person which makes party for everybody, makes them happy but he always stays alone and sad. What would you like to achieve representing Georgia in Eurovision?

Anri Jokhadze: It will be one of the most pleasant and important steps in my career. Can you tell us about your preparations for Baku? Can you reveal anything about your stage performance?

Anri Jokhadze: It will be a great show, so let it be a big surprise. In one sentance; I will light the fire for Europe. Have you listened to any other competing entries of this year’s Eurovision? Do you have any favorites?

Anri Jokhadze: Of course I have listened all of them, and my favorite is Albania. Do you watch Eurovision every year?

Anri Jokhadze: I watch it and I think it’s a great and very prestigious contest and to participate in it is every
musicians desire. What is your favorite Eurovision song of all time?

Anri Jokhadze: Actually I liked many of them but you know these songs have never been in the center of attention. Do you think Eurovision will help you with your career?

Anri Jokhadze: I think it will be a great advantage for me and for my career. I am waiting for various interesting contracts after ESC. Finally do you have a message to the readers of

Anri Jokhadze: I AM YOUR JOKER and I am going to light the fire Europe has never seen before… Thank you Anri and good luck in Baku – we are waiting to see that ‘fire’!

You can listen to the Georgian Eurovision entry, “I’m A Joker”, below;


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