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Ira Losco and Poli Genova to appear at Eurovision Convention in Frankfurt

The inaugural Eurovision Convention takes place on Saturday the 9th and Sunday 10th September. An event created by the members of Eurovision Groupie, this event includes two days of meet and greets, autograph sessions and a huge concert to celebrate Eurovision music of different genre from different eras. 

The event is the master mind of Michael Gotz-Pijl and his core team. There will be artists from (almost) every decade and there will be something for everyone. The important information for the convention is as follows:

Hotels in and around the convention have been block booked by the convention organisers so they can pass on the discounts to the visiting fans and participating artists. The Saturday and Sunday sightseeing tours are sold out, however a small quantity of the following tickets are still available:

  • Saturday 9th September (single ticket) priced at 40 euros
  • Sunday 10th September (single ticket) priced at 40 euros
  • 9th/10th September (2 day pass) priced at 65 euros
  • Concert ticket priced at 40 euros – PLEASE NOTE UNDER 100 TICKETS LEFT


Confirmed artists include: Loreen (Sweden 2012), Ruslana (Ukraine 2004), Ira Losco (Malta 2002, 2016), Donny Montell (Lithuania 2012, 2016), Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011, 2016), Barei (Spain 2016), Ruth Lorenzo (Spain 2014), Ann Marie David (Luxembourg 1973, France 1979), Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom 1981), Chiara (Malta 1998, 2005, 2009), Valentina Monetta (San Marino 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017), Cascada (Germany 2013) and many more.

Valentina Monetta (San Marino 2012, 2013, 2014 &  2017) at her press conference in Kiev. She does not rule out a 5th participation at The Eurovision Song Contest. In Kiev she performed ‘Spirit Of The Night’ with Jimmie Wilson.

Ira Losco (Malta 2002 & 2016) discussing how the contest has changed in the last 14 years, and how a top 10 result in 2016 would feel like 1st place in 2002.

Hera Bjork (Iceland 2010) talking while in Amsterdam in 2016 when she hosted The Eurovision in Concert. She says how Eurovision is now all about the graphics.

Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2011 & 2016) talking about her hosting duties from JESC 2015, which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria. She states how BNT asked her to represent Bulgaria after her duties were completed.

Sponsors for the event include (the people behind Unser Song), Eurovision Groupie, Meet Germany (A Haulage and logistics firm) and Kreativ Media

To apply for press accreditation please follow this link:

To purchase tickets please follow this link: (If you are within Germany, ticket are shipped within 1-2 business days, if you are elsewhere on the continent then they will take anything up to a week when choosing the standard delivery ticket option).

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