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Sweden: Issues arise with ‘Euphoria’

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Thomas Hall, the project Manager at the Swedish Broadcaster SVT,  claims that “Euphoria” performed by Loreen broke the rules of the Melodifestivalen 2012. Loreen’s hit song “Euphoria” is currently being played in Spanish Radios, and according to Aftonbladet the song is also a soundtrack of the TV series “Gossip Girl”. We found the video which includes “Euphoria” as the soundtrack of the series and we present it to you below;


However, Loreen’s recording company “Warner Music” says they don’t have any clue about the song being played in Spain. Helene Wigren from Warner Music stated;

We will of course find out what happened and how it got there, says Helene Wigren.

SVT has two theories about the situation, either someone has accessed the website and download it or they have ripped it during the time the songs were online. However, according to SVT, Loreen won’t be disqualified but both SVT and Warner Music are trying to find a way to stop trasmitting the “Gossip Girl” TV trailer.

According to Thomas Hall, SVT and Warner Music have contacted the Spanish company to remove Loreen’s entry. They said that the company should contact Warner Music to explain the situation.

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