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Sweden: Loreen – Another Rybak phenomenon?

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Alexander Rybak, representative of Norway in Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Russia, broke every existing and non-existing record! With 387 and “douze points” from the greatest majority of Europe, there was no contention back in 2009. He was only roughly 200 points ahead of second Iceland!

Now, another Scandinavian country, Sweden, is ready to imitate Norway. Could this happen? Loreen managed to conquer easily this year’s “MeodiFestivalen”, despite her big opponent, who was another favourite named Danny. She received an enormous number of 670,551 votes from the audience! That brings her to the first place ever, on the list of the most voted songs in the organisation! In the meantime she seems already to be the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Many polls try to characterise her like this. But in this contest we have seen a lot happening…. Who can forget Xandee of Belgium in ESC 2004? She was one of the favorites, but still almost came last!

So, could this year a “female Rybak” make the difference? Could “Euphoria” bring… euphoria to the Swedish people? One thing is for sure. Both countries, Norway and Sweden, held big national competitions this year. They are searching for months the one and only song for Eurovision achieving amazing productions. These events are huge, are national issues. Is that random?

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