United Kingdom: Revamped version of ‘Never Give Up On You’

The BBC has released a new revamped version of ‘Never Give Up On You’, the song that Lucie Jones will perform in Kiev for the United Kingdom. The song has had some slight adjustments, when compared to the first version.

The United Kingdom has been struggling in the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years, with their last top 10 result back in 2009. However, Lucie will try to turn things around for the Union Jack.

Listen to the new version of the UK song

As usual, the United Kingdom has a guaranteed spot in the final. This despite the fact that their results in recent years have been bad. Their song for the 2017 contest has been written and composed by Emmelie de Forest. Emmelie won the contest as a singer for Denmark in 2013.

2 Responses to “United Kingdom: Revamped version of ‘Never Give Up On You’”

  1. Loek says:

    Is autotune allowed??



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