Belgium: 12 songs surpass €20.000

Another song has surpassed the €20.000 requirement to participate in the Belgian national final, bringing the total to twelve who have so far reached that mark. Lorenzo Caminotti will sing “Tant qu’il y aura des femmes”. The complete line-up, so far, is:

The Blazing- “Our way”
Léa Clément- “Où s’en vont nos rêves?”
Syla K.- “Simple love”
Hélène- “Our home”
Steve Linden- “C’est la musique”
Bellyve- “Nos pages, nos images”
Joe Galli- “Live my life”
Hanny-D- “Près de toi”
J-Cool- “Dans ma chanson”
Witloof Bay- “With love baby”
Gautier Reyz- “Addiction”
Lorenzo Caminotti- “Tant qu’il y aura des femmes”

The deadline closes this month.