2000 and Whatever – Austria

We may not get to see our 2020 favourites take to the stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on our Eurovision favourites. This series is aimed to discover the team’s favourite entries from the 21st century, from 2001 to 2019.

In collaboration with Eurovision Union, we will be reviewing some of their 21st Century favourites, while over on their site, you will find their reviews of our favourites!

Below our reviews, you will find a poll where you can vote for your favourite Eurovision entry from the 21st Century.


Dennis Reviews Anita’s 21st Century Favourite 

Nathan Trent – Running On Air | 16th place, 93 points (Final)

I understand Anita’s choice for Austria. Personally I still remember the first time I heard the song ‘Running On Air’, when the Austrian radio played it early in the morning and I was getting ready for work. A feel-good song, very radio friendly, that gave me a smile on my face to start that day. Nathan Trent came up with an entry that immediately became one of my favourite songs of the year, with a strong positive message. It was a bit disappointing that he struggled with his vocals during the live performances on the big nights, which of course damaged his result. But it’s obviously one of the better Austrian songs of the decade. 

Brandon Reviews Joshua’s 21st Century Favourite

César Sampson – Nobody But You | 3rd place, 342 points (Final)

Never expected Austria to send something like this! Smooth and uber-professional. Maybe not a song I’d add to my phone, but musically I have a lot of appreciation for this track. Staging at Eurovision was first class and one of the most impressive I’ve seen from a country in quite some time. Austria nailed it this year. Sweden most definitely were inspired when John Lundvik represented them. A flawless entry overall from Austria.

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