2000 and Whatever – Slovakia

We may not get to see our 2020 favourites take to the stage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce on our Eurovision favourites. This series is aimed to discover the team’s favourite entries from the 21st century, from 2001 to 2019.

In collaboration with Eurovision Union, we will be reviewing some of their 21st Century favourites, while over on their site, you will find their reviews of our favourites!

Below our reviews, you will find a poll where you can vote for your favourite Eurovision entry from the 21st Century.


Dennis Reviews Anita’s 21st Century Favourite 

Kamil Mikulčík and Nela Pocisková – Let’ tmou | 18th place, 8 points (Semi-Final)

I’m a big Eurovision fan and I have seen the 2009 contest obviously. But I have to admit I have to look up this entry to remember how it went, I only remembered there was a lot of shouting and I never listened to it again. (…) Ok, after seeing it again 11 years later I still think Slovakia overdid it a bit here. So much vocal violence in three minutes, with not much line in it. It is a messy composition. I should like this, the orchestration is lovely, but somehow it doesn’t hit me emotionally. But, since Slovakia doesn’t have a lot of entries to pick from, I can see why this song is the best of the bunch for Anita. It had potential to do better than how it did in Moscow.

Brandon Reviews Joshua’s 21st Century Favourite

Kristína Peláková – Horehronie | 16th place, 24 points (Semi-Final)

This song should’ve done so much better than it ended up doing. I truly believe this would end up on top ten. Had such great ethnic vibes and it felt like a fairytale on-stage. Kristina looked gorgeous and had a voice that resonated mystery. Please come back Slovakia, perhaps let Kristina have her redemption!

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