ESC Daily goes in-depth at press conferences

Rehearsals may have been dissapointing today, but Team ESC Daily certainly made things interesting at the press conferences! Steef van Gorkum went there to discomfort the San Marinese, Montenegrin and Czech delegation with critical questions. It led to a couple of interesting quotes… and moves!

Czech girl Marta threw away her shoes during the first rehearsals – but nobody understood why. Steef posed the question on everybody’s lips: ‘What was that all about?’

‘I can only walk a couple of steps on high heels,’ Marta said, ‘but when nobody is looking, I go like this…’ Watch how uncomfortable she feels on high heels in the video below:

Montenegro’s composer Zeljko Joksimovic claimed before the release of ‘Adio’ that this song will be ‘completely different’ from his previous Eurovision songs. ‘But,’ said Steef, ‘I had my doubts whether it really is so different!’

Knez then claimed that the instruments used for this composition are traditional Montenegrin, and therefore different from ‘Lane Moje’ and the other hits Joksimovic wrote. See the full conversation below:

Last but not least, San Marino’s Anita entrusted Steef and the rest of the press room that she – much like Valentina Monetta – would indeed love to participate again next year: