A unique look into the Eurovision Delegation Bubble: “The artists are human, like all of us”

With love from the Delegation BubbleEBU / THOMAS HANSES

We mainly focus on what we see happening on the Eurovision stage, since these moments matter most for the competition. But outside of the arena, there is also a lot going on in Ahoy. We got a unique look in the delegation bubble, which is normally off limits for journalists.

“There is so much going on. The artists have such a tight schedule. I think for every person who is on stage it is nice to have an area where they can relax and have their private space,” says Nicki Vet, manager of the Delegation Bubble. “So, an area without cameras and journalists asking questions. We sometimes forget it, but they are also human, just like all of us.”

Check out our report from within the Eurovision Delegation Bubble:

Each artist has their own 35 square dressing room, with enough space for 7 persons. There are people to do their hair and make-up, a vocal care and also a fysiotherapist, should they need. But als a quiet room and a space to hangout, relax and have drinks. “It’s their little getaway in all the hectic in Ahoy.”

Manizha and Tusse hang out in the delegation bubble

photo: EBU

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