Aftermath 2016 (1): Flanders giving Belgium a top 10

In the upcoming days, we take a look at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Belgium has booked their second top 10 place in a row, but still it is a special one, since the Flemish broadcaster VRT was steering the wheel this time.

Since the year 2000, Belgium has had a couple of good results at Eurovision. But, except for Tom Dice in 2010, these achievements have all been booked by broadcaster RTBF.

The divided bilingual country has a system in which the two state broadcasters alternately pick the song for Belgium each year. And whilst Urban Trad (2003), Roberto Bellarosa (2013) and Loïc Nottet (2015) all got a decent or great result, the Flemish acts usually did not even make it to the final.

However, Laura Tesoro turned this around this year. With ‘What’s the pressure’ she qualified with ease for the Grand Final, booking a third place at the second semi final. And with 181 points, the opener of the show even got another top 10 result for Belgium.

The Aftermath

“I have such good memories, it was an amazing experience,” says Laura after her great result for Belgium. “Walking down the Red Carpet made me feel like a Hollywood-star. Some many fans on the street and in the arena. I will never forget this.”

She never wants to do it again though, but is leaving open the option to return as a coach. “Many artists return because they want to improve their result, but I am very satisfied. If you go to Eurovision you réally need to want to go. It is not for everyone.”