Aftermath 2016 (12) Spain once again furious with result

The most angry nation, in recent years, in the Eurovision aftermath is perhaps Spain. Every year, expectations are high amongst the Spanish fans. But almost every year, the final result is a big disappointment.

This year was not different. Barei was high in the polls with fans, and especially the Spanish people that follow Eurovision go tinto the hype and hopes that ‘Say Yay’ could end up high in the scoreborad in Stockholm. A 22nd place with only 77 points was not enough, and a lot of angry reactions could be seen on Social Media.

Should Spain continue their current approach in the contest? It gave them a top 10 result in 2012 and 2014, so things are not that bad. But when the fan community always expect a top 3 result, people are bound to get disappointed and frustated year after year.

The Aftermath

According to the website Vertele, broadcaster TVE is “disgusted” with the result of Barei and they will talk with the EBU about new changes in the voting system, pointing out that not all participating nations have the same amount as neighbours.

Not a single word is being spoken about the poor vocals of Barei, the fake falling and the fact that this could have seriously harmed the chances of Spain amongst the jury. But also, maybe especially, the televoters gave Spain a hard knock.

Barei’s 22nd place finish has led disgruntled fans to call for the heads of two key figures: Head of Delegation Federico Llano and RTVE Entertainment Director Toñi Prieto. As they launched an online petition, Prieto got rhetorical: Would Spain have finished higher without the two of them, she asked, or do the problems for Spain run much deeper?

Our colleagues at Wiwibloggs tried to put the finger of the sore spot. Spanish fans always get over-excited about their own entry, but the rest of Europe does not seem to like these type of songs that much. The bloggers write in their analysis that RTVE is not commited to Eurovision and fail to come up with a strategy on time and that the broadcaster has an old-fashioned approach to music.

“RTVE pays major attention to the Spanish Eurovision fan base, who, of course, represent a small fraction of the viewers of Eurovision. This coincides with the stereotype of ‘diva-lover’ who is frequently disconnected from current musical trends. It’s as if RTVE plays to a caricature of the fandom.” And this explains why Spain is almost every year a big country in the predictions, but never at the contest.

Or will things finally change in 2017? A Eurovision Song Contest without angry Spanish fans in the aftermath…


  1. Barei had poor vocals??When? :D:D:D Her backings were truly poor and the one who was singing together with her was absolutely unnecessary, but she did a great performance.

  2. Nice song! Nothing wrong with that. I’m less pleased by Barei’s singing. The buildup and blackout arent’t my taste. The glitter shirt-dress is plain ugly. And aftersales is always a solid sign how people really liked a song.

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