Aftermath 2016 (13) Australia is here to stay at Eurovision

The the Aftermath we look back at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 one more time. Today we focus on our own Australia, that got so close to victory in Stockholm.

Following up Guy Sebastian, who finished in fifth place for Australia in 2015, Dami Im had a tough job. When her song ‘Sound of Silence’ was released, everyone almost immediately saw a sure qualifier in it. But a contender for victory? We had to wait for the rehearsals in Stockholm to see that.

On the day of the final, we wrote that in the lists of the bookmakers, Australia has climbed up to a second place currently behind top favorite Russia. Some voices even say Dami might have won the jury vote last night, due to her excellent vocal performance. Which turned out to be true. Because Dami Im only got a fourth place in the televote, Ukraine was able to finish even higher than Australia…

The Aftermath

Dami Im has given an emotional thank you to her fans following her powerhouse performance. “I am just grateful that Australia was happy to send me as their representative,” Dami Im gushed. “I want to shed light on Australia as a multicultural place, accepting of immigrants like me. I hope it created a good image of Australia,” she said.

Dami Im has won the hearts of millions of fans across the globe after her magnificent Eurovision performance in Stockholm. More than 200 million viewers saw her performance. Dami is now back home in Brisbane. She was interviewed on Channel 9‘s morning show Today, where she spoke about her Eurovision experience in Stockholm.

Dami Im was given a hero’s welcome in her hometown Logan where she was honored for her amazing 2nd place at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Dami brushed off claims that she should’ve won over Jamala from Ukraine, saying that “it’s in the Australian spirit to be good sports”. Way to go girl! “You have to accept what the umpire says”. A class reaction by a class performer, stating out the obvious once again: Australia is here to stay at Eurovision!

Last year, the EBU had a tough call to bring back Australia once again, after saying it was a one time deal in Vienna. Now, they have a tough call to keep Australia out of the contest, as SBS Australia has given us quality song, great performers and a perfect emission for the contest as a whole.


  1. Two occasions doesn’t make a trend yet. Let’s see what will happen. For quality’s sake those two real entries were a blessing. But Jessica Mauboi was a vocal disaster BBC style

  2. The Real Winner of Eurovision…Dami is the epitome of a Super Star Artist who performed like a World Class Artist with class, grace, dignity & humility! Her Jury vote victory is enough to make a statement she was head & shoulders above anything else on Stage. If Russia & other Countries don’t return next year, EBU only have themselves to blame…The Real Winner Australia!

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