Aftermath 2016 (2): Finally a top result for Lithuania

Eurovision 2016 is over, but we look back one last time. We take a look at the disappointments and at the successes. For instance, the top 10 result of Lithuania, which is almost a unique achievement.

In the sixteen previous attempts in the Eurovision Song Contest, Lithuania only once got a good result. In 2006, their protest song ‘We are the winners’ got a sixth place in Athens. Now, ten years later, they finally have another top 10, with a real song.

It was a long, long search for Lithuania this year. Ten shows on a Saturday night, eventually led up to Donny Montell winning Eurovizijos. He was the favourite to win it with his song ‘I’ve been waiting for this night’ from the first episode and got to represent his country for the second time since Baku 2012.

In Stockholm he got help from the amazing stage designer Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who also did the staging for Armenia, Georgia and Cyprus this year. All these nations qualified for the final. Donny had a summersault in his act and a very confident performance. He gathered 222 points in the semi final, qualifying in fourth place, and then placed ninth in the final, scoring 200 points: 96 points from the televoting and 104 points from the juries.

The Aftermath

Before the contest Donny had very high ambition: He wanted to win in Stockholm. But after the votes came in and he got a ninth place, he was still satisfied. “All this time we tried to be in the top 10. Now that we did, I am so happy with the result. Especially in such a strong final with a lot of qualifty performances.”

A lot of people waited for Donny at the airport and when he showed his face, they greeted him with applause. “I had great team, whose members have worked with world stars. A good team is the key to success in show business.”