Aftermath 2016 (5): Armenian approach can soon result in victory

In the Aftermath, we take a look at the results at Eurovision 2016 and the way the countries have reacted on their result. Today we focus on Armenia, which got a seventh place in Stockholm thanks to Iveta Mukuchyan.

Since the song ‘LoveWave’ was presented, expectations were quite moderate for Armenia. But after people saw the first rehearsal, with the great visuals and switching camera angles by Sacha Jean-Baptiste, their odds went sky high. Armenia was a sure qualifier and a potential big hitter in the final.

Perhaps, closing the show was not the best slot for the unique song from Armenia this year. Iveta Mukuchyan was happy with her seventh place, but if one reads between the lines, there was this feeling that Armenia could have done even better.

The Aftermath

The people in Armenia were happy with the result, and awaited Iveta at the Yerevan airport. The country has had quite some success before, with fourth places in 2008 and 2014. Iveta has now equaled the result by Eva Rivas, who also got a seventh place.

Still, knowing Armenia came second in their semi final, a seventh place in the Grand Final seems like just a decent result. Being one of the acts with outstanding camerawork and a unique song in the field, performed by a great vocalist, it seems like there was more potential. Having said that, Iveta speaks about “a great journey”and she wants to thank everyone who was a part of it.

The Armenian state broadcaster had an interview for over 30 minutes with her to look back at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The contest is big in Yerevan and it would be great if we can one go visit the country after they have finally won it for the first time.


  1. Armenia’s expections have always been way too high for such mediocre songs. Even with terrible entries by Emmy and the Dorians.. Sirusho had the greatest pop single with so much potential to win in 2008 but had strong competition. I think they need to put their egos aside and work with various composers rather than their method of corrupt internal selections, something you see in so many other countries as well.

  2. @Chris – so you’re suggesting that Armenia jumps on board with Azerbaijan, Georgia, and many other countries and buy songs from Sweden? I think it’s amazing that a small country size of Armenia produces it’s own songs and does everything through local talents (stage design, costume design, back up vocalists, show and etc…). I read that the Armenian team was behind the amazing holograms for this year’s show. Well done Armenia. 7/10 entries have finished in the top 10 – every single one composed by local artists.

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