Aftermath 2016 (7): Amir giving France its revival

In Aftermath we look back at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, covering the biggest and most newsworthy stories the contest gave us. Today we take a look at the French revival, with a top 10 placing thanks to Amir’s “J’ai Cherché”.

France used to hold the record for most Eurovision wins but after reaching five victories in 1977, they’ve rarely got close to another one. However, there were high hopes that Amir Hadad could end that run this year. France’s odds on a Eurovision victory dropped as low as 3/1 at some point during the pre-season. However the vocals in early rehearsals were not great and odds slid dramatically.

Amir has turned it around and the live shows and jury final sounded strong. He therefore still managed to reach a top 10 result and only missing out on top 5 by just four points to Frans (What’s in a name) from Sweden.

The Aftermath

Being one of the bookmakers favourites to win the contest, a sixth place seems to be a slight disappointment. But for La France, a top 10 result is not something they are used to at the contest. It proves that sending a qualifty song, can do the trick for any nation at Eurovision.

Amir told that he was “happy as hell” with the first top 10 result since 2009, and he received a heroes welcome back home. For French standards, not many Eurovisio artists get this kind of welcome in Paris!

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  1. Very happy for France, great song and charismatic singer.I hope it will be the beginning of a new French era!

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