Aftermath 2017 (1): JOWST giving Norway back their pride

In the upcoming days, we take a look at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. After not reaching the final in Stockholm, Norway has booked a top 10 place once again. JOWST gave the Norwegians back their pride at Eurovision.

Since the introduction of the semi-final round in 2004, Norway has finished in the top ten six times. However, after the disappointing result of Agnete, this one felt really necessary. Before Eurovision, JOWST already told us: “Last year there was a lot a attention by the press. The song was really good, but it was unfortunate that she got sick. But now Norway is back again, we are happy to be here and grab the moment.”

With 189 points and a fifth place in the semi final, qualification turned out to never be a question this year. The icing on the cake came in the final, where Norway sneaked up above The Netherlands for a top 10 result.

The Aftermath

After returning home Aleksander Walman and JOWST told that once they heard that they were able to reach a tenth place, they were initially a little disappointed. But the feeling was replaced by a pride in landing among the top ten when they realized that Portugal won. Salvador Sobral made a strong impression on them. They were very touched when it was performed.

“We have both had a dream of standing on stage and performing music,” they say. Now they are going to work on a new song. “When we woke up, we discovered that our song was on a eighth spot on Spotify in Norway and in a twelfth spot on Spotify in Lithuania and also a good location in Iceland. He thinks it’s fun that the song has been downloaded outside Norway as well.”