Aftermath 2017 (10): Belgium is now a solid Eurovision country

For the first time since the 70’s, Belgium has scored three top 10 results at the Eurovision Song Contest in a row. Both the Flemish and the Walloon broadcasters have found a solid base to book results in the contest, it seems.

The bookmakers already predicted that Blanche would do very well in Kiev, with her song ‘City Lights’. However, at the rehearsals, the international press became really uncertain, because of her insecure performance.

After the qualification for the final (which was in jeopardy according to the predictions in the press center, but this turned out to be a false prediction) we already mentioned in the ESC Daily Show that Blanche’s insecurity could be her strength. It made her human and gave her a connection with the televoters at home.

The Aftermath

And indeed, only the jury was influenced by Blanche’s stage performance. The televoters lifted her to a fourth place. Copying the much discussed top result that Belgium had two years ago in Vienna.

“I remember how the people reacted when Loïc Nottet got a fourth place,” Blanche told her Flemish state broadcaster after the final. “To achieve that as well, make my country proud, that makes me really proud. I am happy with my performance and result.”

At home in Belgium, Blanche received a warm welcome at the airport by the press and fans. Well deserved, of course.