Aftermath 2017 (13): Kostov in tears after missing out on Bulgarian victory

We are nearing the end of looking at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. Today’s episode is about the best result ever for Bulgaria, with Kristian Kostov who got close to victory.

‘Beautiful Mess’ was the winner of the second semi final and the only favourite to draw a slot in the second half of the show. Almost closing it on Saturday, Bulgaria got close to victory. Very close.

The result is not just a reward for youngster Kristian Kostov, just 17 years old. It is also a reward for stage director Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who did some amazing work in recent years at the contest. And it proves that the new approach by the state broadcaster BNT is working like a charm. Great results at Junior Eurovision and a fourth and second place since their comeback in the adult contest!

The Aftermath

Still, Kristian wanted more than this. When it came to discussing his triumph with his local TV station TMSAND ITV, he couldn’t hold back the tears. He began the interview by playfully posing with the Bulgarian flag but mid-way through, he became very emotional, apologising to his country. He said: “I’m sorry I did not bring victory for Bulgaria not regret Salvador. Indeed, we had the best performance. We are not small, Bulgaria is not small, we are winners.”

When the first emotions got out of the way, Kristian turned out to be happy after all. He was welcomed home as a hero following his appearance at the Eurovision Song Contest. While he might be disappointed he narrowly missed out on the top spot, Kristian has been signed by Virginia Records – and his latest Instagram shows him looking rather happy.

The broadcaster BNT is already thinking about 2018 and how to get the win in Lisbon. Totally transparant, they explained that they would love to do a public selection through a national final, but the funding and lack of big names willing to take part is a problem. Thus, BNT will stick to their current gameplan and pick an artist internally for the contest next year.