Aftermath 2017 (6): Finland the most shocking non-qualifier

Eva Boto, Greta Salome, Norma John. The list of shocking non-qualying songs at the Eurovision Song Contest has a new name on it. Today we take a look at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Finland.

The bookmakers, the fans and the polls were clear: Finland was sailing into the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with the dark ballad ‘Blackbird’. Perhaps it could even reach the top 10 for the first time in many years? Anyway, for the first time since 2014 Finland would be there in the grand final on Saturday.

Things turned out a bit different for the duo Norma John, who came up after a break behind Slavko’s kitsch for Montenegro. Surprisingly, they were not completely forgotten by televoters, who gave Finland a tenth place. It were the juries that voted Finland down and out of the competition. But why?

The Aftermath

The Norma John duo Leena Tirronen and Lasse Piirainen were surprisingly calm after the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Even though the finals were missed and both were of course annoyed, they were able to give several interviews with professional grips. Leena said: “We were pleased with our appeal. This is how it happened. There were very hard countries and songs.”

Her piano partner in crime thinks it is important to “remember that music is really difficult to compete. This is a bad idea. People hear the song from the first heard and vote on it. We still think that Blackbird is an extremely tough song. Eurovision is a wild roller coaster. As has been seen in previous years, just how can it be,” continues Piirainen.

Many fans are still wondering why Finland did not make it to the final again. The two musicians think it is pointless to speculate too much about why Finland did not even get into the finals this time.

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  1. Very baffling indeed, Finland’s entry is a masterpiece really and one of the best songs submitted in recent years.

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