Aftermath 2017 (9): Croatia only Yugoslavian nation in the final

In the upcoming days, we take a look at the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. This episode is about the countries of former Yugoslavia, that almost all missed out on a place in the final. Except Croatia’s Jacques Houdek.

What happened to the countries from former Yugoslavia, that used to be real forces in Eurovision about ten years ago. In 2017, only Croatia’s song ‘My Friend’ was in the final. And that entry also failed to make it to the top 10, to much disappointment for Jacques Houdek.

The Aftermath

In a post on his Facebook page, Houdek elaborated on his theory that the juries from the former Yugoslavia were bitter about Croatia being the only nation to qualify for the Grand Final. “The success could have been bigger. The lack of support of the ‘expert’ judges of neighbouring countries is really shameful. Unfortunately there was bitterness I suppose because Croatia was the only one from the region in the grand final.”

The good news is that this story debunks a solid Eurovision myth. Block voting or neighbour voting… It does not exist, especially not with the juries. Out of the televoting block, only Slovenia and Montenegro gave “My Friend” 12 points, F.Y.R Macedonia’s televoters gave it 10.

Slovenia, FYR Macedonia (again) and Montenegro did not make the final by far. Serbia got really close, missing out on a couple of points to Denmark. Still, broadcaster RTS are no sore losers and already confirmed to take part again in Lisbon!