Aftermath 2018 (1): Another top-10 result for Moldova

This first episode of the Aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is about Moldova, which finished in tenth place in Lisbon. DoReDoS mostly thanked their result to their 115 points in the televote, where they finished in eighth place.

It looks like the dark days of Eurovision are over for Moldova. After their best result ever in Kiev 2017, they have made it to the top-10 again in Lisbon. Guess it is their Lucky Day?

DoReDoS: “We hope we have represented the country at a high level”

After their result Evgheni Andrianov, a member of DoReDoS, gave the following statement. “We have done our best, we have made the most of it, and we hope we have represented the country at a high level. We have made every effort. We are in the tenth place, I think that’s OK.”

After Zdob și Zdub (debut entry in 2005), Natalia Barbu (tenth place in 2007) and SunStroke Project (third place in 2017), DoReDoS is only the fourth act in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest to make it to the top-10 on behalf of Moldova.

Staging of Fokas Evagelinos did the trick again

We should have known that Moldova was about to make it to the top-10, when we found out the the Greek Fokas Evagelinos was doing the staging of the song “My Lucky Day”. Written by Philip Kirkorov, the dream team – a term we came up with last year – was behind it. Entries staged by Fokas Evagelinos almost always make it to the best ten entries of the contest in a year. But note, in the 00’s this was almost a guarantee, in the new era it is not, as Evagelinos also did the staging for Demi (Greece 2017) and Aisel (Azerbaijan 2018).

And the act looked easier than it was, as you can see in this behind the scenes video below. Moldova had a fun song, but surely it was no mockery of the contest and a serious attempt to entertain. And for that, we thank them!