Aftermath 2018 (11): Cesár Sampson still can’t believe what happened with Austria

Arguably the biggest surprise of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 was the top ranking for Austria. Cesár Sampson’s “Nobody But You” was on top of the scoreboard after the jury gave their points. And no one expected that to happen.

That the strong vocalist would be a qualifier, was almost a certainty. And that he had the jury to thank for that, was also something we were able to predict beforehand. But that he would actually WIN the jury vote at Eurovision 2018? No, there are not a lot of people who saw that coming. Not even Cesár himself.

Cesár Sampson: “It was an honor to go to Eurovision”

“I think it will take a while til we will all understand what we accomplished together. It was an honor ❤️”, writes Cesár Sampson in reaction to his third place finish at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thank you…i‘m speechless ?

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“It really was a team effort. I can’t believe I came so close to victory. If the whole of Europe thinks we did a good job, that is a huge compliment. To be able to win the contest, it is important to score with the jury and the televote. Israel did that the best, so it is a justified winner,” Cesár told one week later on Austrian television.

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