Aftermath 2018 (2): Denmark finally pleases the televote again

The second episode of the Aftermath 2018 covers the ninth place for Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon. Rasmussen and his ‘Higher Ground’ especially scored very well in the televote.

This has not happened for Denmark in recent years. Anja Nissen pleased the jury in 2017, but failed to score in the televote and ended up in 21st place in their ranking. The two years before that year, Denmark was not even in the final. The top-10 result for Rasmussen shows us again that Eurovision is not about flags or history, but always about the actual songs and performances.

Rasmussen won televote in the second semi final

A shock result in the semi final stage of Eurovision 2018 turned out to be the televote victory for Denmark in the second semi final. An even bigger surprise was the discrepancy with the jury, who even had the Danish viking outside of their top-10, and listed as a non-qualifier.

In the final the televote was also in favour of ‘Higher Ground’ and a place that may well be demand for the Danish Viking is in Hungary. Both the Hungarian television viewers and the Hungarian professional jury gave the Danish song top marks in the final Saturday evening. “Yes, I’ll probably visit Hungary,” Rasmussen tells the Danish state broadcaster DR. “We must have obviously hit something in Hungary so it’s insane. So yes, Hungary, take it away – I’m ready to come and say thank you!”

But first of all, lead singer Jonas wants to stay home, with his two kids who he has missed for a full two weeks. “I’ll just have a couple of days where I can relax, digest the experience – and to that extent see my two kids. It has been busy, and fortunately, I have not had to go missing them all the time, because I’ve been thinking elsewhere. We are here to do some work. But it’s clear 14 days, you can feel that,” he says.