Aftermath 2018 (4): Always all or nothing for Estonia at Eurovision

In the fourth episode of our series on the aftermath of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 we talk about Estonia. A ‘strange’ country in the contest, because one year they can end up almost at the bottom of a semi final, and the other year they are back in the top-10 of the contest again.

This year was another one of those editions. Elina Nechayeva’s opera song ‘La Forza’ came in eighth place, partially because of the strong vocals, but also the total visual package. A crowdfunding was used to get the funding for the spectaculair dress with projections on it. And it definitely paid off on the final scoreboard, although victory never came close.

Elina Nechayeva returns to normals life

“It’s very unusual for me to come back to Estonia,” Elina told state broadcaster ERR upon arrival in Estonia. “If there was a large team in Portugal at Eurovision in Portugal for one thing and everyone had their tasks, then I’m back in reality and I understand that I have to complete all these other tasks now.”

It was hard for Elina because she had the right spirit, almost living like an athlete the last couple of months. “Eurovisionb is not a sprint race, it’s a marathon and must be a very strong nerve. Fatigue must not be overcome. It is very important to follow such a decent lifestyle.”