Aftermath 2018 (7): First top-10 result in history for Czech Republic

Every country can be succesful at the Eurovision Song Contest. The Czech Republic is the proof of this, after their first top-10 result in the history of the contest. Let’s look back at Mikolas Josef’ performance in Lisbon in episode 7 of the Aftermath.

Even before the final the Czech Head of Delegation Jan Bors was certain: Eurovision has changed, every country is able to book success, even a victory. “Lie to me” by Mikolas Josef was a favourite for the bookmakers for a good result for a long time, even though his back injury played him parts.

Mikolas got injured on the first day of rehearsals after a failed backflip and never recovered enough to be able to do his performance the way he wanted. Still, his performance was enough for the 6th place at Eurovision 2018.

Mikolas Josef: “Results gives a historic feeling”

The day after the contest, Mikolas Josef talked to Czech media Blesk. He told he is happy with his placement in the competition, but he believed even more was possible. “It’s a historic feeling, of course, but I was still in a slightly higher position. But that’s a great success, and that’s a great start for me, ” said Mikolas Josef.

His back injury played a major negative part in his experience at Eurovision. “What helped was the ampoule in the vein with painkillers. The physiotherapist was with me from morning till night and thanks to this care I was able to do what I did. On Sunday, I dropped the painkillers. I still feel it a little bit, but it’s much better,” Mikolas closes off the topic.