Aftermath 2018 (8): Italy becomes stable factor at Eurovision

Another top-10 result for Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018. Since their comeback in 2011, Italy has become a stable factor in the top ranks of the contest.

Only Emma Marrone and Francesca Michielin failed to make it to the top-10. Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro looked to finish outside the left hand of the scoreboard after the jury made their minds up (17th place). But then, the big surprise came in. “Non mi avete fatto niente” was the third favourite in the televote, making the duo rise to the fifth place.

Televote changed everything for Italy at Eurovision 2018

Ermal Meta knows he can thank the viewers at home for this stunning result at Eurovision. In the end, “Non mi avete fatto niente” finished even higer than “Occidentali’s Karma”, which was the big favourite for Italy throughout the entire 2017-season.

The Eurovision Song Contest is not extremely popular in Italy, despite the amazing results in the last 7 years. But still, the viewing figures are rising in the southern country. With over 730 thousand interactions, #Eurovision was the most commented program on Socials in Italy of the whole day. The contest was seen on Rai Uno by over 3 million 400 thousand viewers (18.6% share). It’s about time, Italy deserves its third victory at Eurovision.

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  1. I find it hard to find a cause for Italy being the third ranked country in televote. Draw could have played a role just like it did in 1989 when rival won in a very balanced field of participants. But that’s not enough though… Anyone has an explanation?

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