Albania: Luiz Ejlli reaches the final night of FiK56

Luiz Ejlli is among the 14 qualifiers of the grand final of Festivali i Këngës 56. The winner of that final, which will be held on Saturday night, will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Just like last year, FiK consisted of two semi finals, but the results of both shows were kept a secret until the second show was over. This is also because all results were added up together for both shows. That is why the first semi final delivered more qualifiers than the second show.

Luiz Ejlli previously represented Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, but he failed to qualify from the semi final. He took part in the Albanian preselection in many other occasions, but never managed to win the competition again.

Voting during the three shows involved each country awarding two sets of points from 1-8, 10 and 12: one from their professional jury and the other from televoting. Each nation’s jury consisted of five music industry professionals who are citizens of the country they represent, with their names published before the contest to ensure transparency.

Results semi final 1 (qualifiers in bold)

1 Elton Deda “Fjalët”
2 Mariza Ikonomi “Unë”
3 Endri & Stefi “Mesazh”
4 Evans Rama “Gjurmët”
5 Genc & David Tukiçi “Të pandarë”
6 Voltan Prodani “E pamundur”
7 Eugent Bushpepa “Mall”
8 Rezarta Smaja & Luiz Ejlli “Ra një yll”
9 Bojken Lako “Sytë e shpirtit”
10 Manjola Nallbani “I njëjti qiell”
11 Redon Makashi “Ekziston”

Results semi final 2 (qualifiers in bold)

1 Orgesa Zaimi “Ngrije zërin”
2 Denisa Gjezo “Zemër ku je”
3 NA & Festina Mezini “Tjetër jetë”
4 Lorela Sejdini “Pritëm edhe pak”
5 Artemisa Mithi “E dua botën”
6 Ergi Bregu “Bum bum”
7 Akullthyesit “Divorci”
8 Xhesika Polo “Përjetë”
9 Inis Neziri “Piedestal”
10 Tiri Gjoci “Orë e ndalur”
11 LYNX “Vonë”