Albania: Over 700,000 people watched Eurovision Song Contest

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Last night, 682,900 viewers from Albania tuned in to watch the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2012. This is the highest number that the Radio and Television of Albania has got in this year!  Together with the Eurovision, the viewers from Albania watched also the final of Big Brother Albania, season five.

700,000 people from Albania supported Rona Nishliu, who brought the eagle-country the fifth place, the best position in it’s Eurovision history!

Early today, there was a section in “E Diela Shqiptare” (The Albanian Sunday) at TV Klan about Eurovision, where Eurostars such as Anjeza Shahini (2004), Olta Boka (2008), Edmond Zhulali (composer) and the head of TVSH Mirela Oktrova, discussed about Rona’s success, her song, the winning entry and Albania’s future participation. It was announced by Ms. Oktrova that Albania will continue to participate in Eurovision!

Below, you can watch a video about Rona’s scores last night!