Albania releases Eurovision-version of the song ‘Mall’

Albania was the first nation to pick their full act for the Eurovision Song Contest. But they are also one of the last countries to release their final 3 minute version for the upcoming contest.

Since the song ‘Mall’ by Eugent Bushpepa was, as is usual for Albania, too long to be able to compete, it had to be shortened. The song remains in Albanian, but also got a revamp in tempo and style of singing.

Check out the version of ‘Mall’ that will be performed in Lisbon in May. And find out more about Eugent Bushpepa on our special dedicated page about him.

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  1. It look/and sounds the same every year same style of music and songs albania need to make a ddifferent way of euro vision need to be more existing to be compete with other nation I WANT MY CUNTRY TO WIN EUROVISION COME ON ♡♥♥

    • So you want to ditch the masterpieces in favour of Euro trash pop? I wish that my country (no need to reveal it) delivered at least one entry of Albania’s quality!

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