Albania: Rona Nishliu to Baku

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Albanian festival “Festivali i Këngës” has just ended, and the Albanian representative for Eurovision 2012 has been decided. Rona Nishliu will go to Baku for the country, with her song “Suus“, or “Personal” in English.

25 year old Rona was born in Mitrovica, Yugoslavia, nowadays an area in Kosovo. She became popular in Albania and Kosovo after taking part in the show “Ethet” (Albanian Idol) in 2004, placing 5th out of over 7000 applicants. The next year she made her debut in Festivali i Kenges in a trio with Teuta Kurti and Vesa Luma, with the song “Flakareshka”, making the final on the festival.

She has also taken part in Albanian festival “Kënga Magjike” in 2009, with the song ”Zonja Vdekje”, winning “Best vocal” award. This year she has made her debut in Festivali i Këngës as a solo singer, with a song composed by Florent Boshnjaku and written by herself. As well as winning the festival overall, she also won the award for “Best Interpretation”.

Below you can see the video for “Suus” (“Personal” in Latin) from the first semi-final.


Below are the full results of the Festival: