Albania: RTSH announces the selection plans!

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A few days ago, directors of Festivali i Këngës, the Albanian national selection for Eurovision, held a press conference where they announced several details for the upcoming competition. They announced that the music will be live by an orchestra of 53 instrumentalists. Also, there will be a third night of competition, where 26 winning songs from the past years of Festivali i Këngës will be performed once again! 

The dates of the festival are:

26 December – First semi-final
27 December – Second semi-final
28 December – Past F.I.K. hits!
29 December – The Grand Final.

The voting system for the 50th Festivali i Këngës, will be 100% jury again. The artistic director and last year’s winning composer Shpëtim Saraçi, told to the attendees of the press conference that this will be not be a year of experiment. He added that this year the jury will chose the “right song” for Eurovision which will represent Albania in the best way possible!

The juries and the directors of the festival haven’t all been announced yet, but it’s been found that there may be new directors and artists to lead the festival, or otherwise there will be past members to do so.

This year, as RTSH announced, the festival will be more professional than it’s even been and RTSH has chosen the biggest names from the Albanian music to take part in the festival.

Immediately after RTSH press conference, the fans reacted! In some forums focused on Albanian music, fans are not happy with the rules of the festival – they are not satisfied with the voting system and the live orchestra this year. This is the second year that the fans are negatively reacting to RTSH’s plans for Festivali i Këngës. In the comments and forums, fans want their right to choose the winner and to modernize the festival.

This year there will be 28 songs participating in the festival with 28 big names associated with them!
They are;

Altin Goci
Bashkim Alibali
Bojken Lako
Claudio La Regina
Dr. Flori
Elhaida Dani
Elton Deda
Endri & Stefi Prifti
Entela Zhula
Evans Rama
Frederik Ndoci (Albania 2007)
Goldi Halili
Gerta Mahmutaj
Hersi Matmuja
Iris Hoxha
Kamela Islamaj
Kujtim Prodani
Mariza Ikonomi
Marjeta Billo
Marsida Saraçi
Orinda Huta
Rona Nishliu
Rudina Delia
Saimir Braho
Samanta Karavella
Sindi Berisha
Toni Mehmetaj
Xhensila Myrtezaj

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