Albania: Song changed to “I’m Alive”

Albania will change its song for the Eurovision Song Contest. ‘Diell’, the winner of the preselection Festivali I Kenges, has been withdrawn by the composer for ‘personal reasons’. Elhaida Dani will now sing the song I’m Alive instead.

The news was brought today through a Facebook statement of Elhaida Dani herself. ‘In accordance with the RTSH, we decided that I will still perform for Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest,’ the announcement says. She also states that an official confirmation will come soon, and that ‘The goal remains to achieve a good result for Albania in Vienna, and we will work very hard to achieve that.’

When her new song will be released, is not yet known, but only a few more weeks are left until the deadline.


Albanian broadcaster RTSH has meanwhile confirmed the news. They state that Elhaida Dani will sing the song “I’m Alive” in Vienna. The song is written by the Kosovo-Albanian songwriters Zapp and Chris.