Alexander Rybak wins MGP and goes for second Eurovision trophy

Alexander Rybak still has a shot at his second Eurovision trophy. The 2009 Eurovision winner won an incredibly tough Melodi Grand Prix Final tonight and will now represent his country Norway in Lisbon.

The song which Rybak will sing in Lisbon is called “That’s how you write a song”. It is a cheerful, cheeky, pop-funk tune. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum described Alexander Rybak’s winning performance in his liveblog as follows:

Alexander Rybak has stolen Francesca Michielin’s visual projections. He has a fake violin projected into his hands during the start of the song. Alone on stage, he plays with the projections. After the first chorus, we have 4 backing dancers join Alexander Rybak on stage dressed in casual outfits. This song is funky and cheerful, just as we know Rybak. During the bridge, we finally see him play the violin for real.

Watch: Alexander Rybak – That’s how you write a song (winning performance MGP)

Stella Mwangi and Aleksander Walmann

The Norwegian final had an incredibly strong line-up this year. Rybak faced fierce opposition from Stella Mwangi (Eurovision 2011) and Aleksander Walmann (Eurovision 2017), but also from Alejandro Fuentes and Vidar Villa, two of the best selling artists in Norway at the moment.

However, when it came to the super final, Rybak surprisingly had to deal with the rather unknown Rebecca. She sang “Who we are”, a ballad written by Morland. Last woman standing, she could not surprise Norways superstar Alexander Rybak though.

“Fairytale”: a record song

Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with his song Fairytale. He held the record for most points in a Eurovision final until the voting system was changed in 2016. The last time a Eurovision winner returned to the big stage was in 2011, when Lena Meyer-Landrut defended her title in Düsseldorf.