Alma: “Amir changed everything around Eurovision in France”

After a couple of years with not much luck at the contest, Amir gave France a comeback with a top-10 result in Stockholm. His successor Alma is very thankful for him: “It changed everything, Amir did a great job.”

We spoke to Alma at Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam. She tol dus about her doubts surrounding her act, whether she should bes een dancing, or not. “We are trying to figure out the right moves and everything we will put on the screen. I want the focus to be on what is most important. Should I be dancing, or not? The people need to like and understand the song. It is dynamic, fresh and patriotic. ”

The success of Amir at Eurovision

With a sixth place in Stockholm, France finally got a really good result at the Eurovision Song Contest in a streak of years with bad results. Alma wants to continue on that line and already saw that the image of the contest in France has changed.

“O yes, it changed everything, Amir did a great job. All the press and fans are excited about Eurovision. People can not wait to see my performance and are much more interested in Eurovision. I have to thank Amir for his job.”