Ukraine: Alyosha’s rock ballad shocks the walls of Telenor Arena

After an exhausting overnight flight and an extra plain being sent from Oslo to pick up ALyosha, Ukrainian entry to the Eurovision 2010, and her team, the singer had her first busy day. Being alone on stage petite singer rocked Telenor Arena with the power of her voice and the sublime energy of her song. “I am thrilled by the Telenor Arena and it feels amazing to realize that I am in the very heart of this grand music event, Eurovision 2010,” commented Alyosha.

During her first press conference Alyosha said to the international media that her participation in the contest is not just about singing, it is a moment of sharing the truth with the rest of the world. She calls it Ecovision and says that we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children. She calls us sweet people and says that after the numerous natural disasters that have recently occurred in the world, it feels like the Earth is talking to us, desperately crying for help.

Alyosha has invited the members of national delegations, press and fans to join her in the football match “Green Game”. As the symbol of this fun sports event the singer chose a ball painted in the naive-art style. The ball projects the idea of a perfect planet in the child-like simplicity form. “Eurovision is all about music, fun and friendship.With this game we would like to gather all friends to have some fun and support the “green” cause,” said Oleksiy Syvak, Event Manager of CFC Consulting.

The booklet of the Ukrainian entry to the ESC 2010, also designed in the naive-art style, shows the unique photo session of the singer with the representation of the ten major ecological problems of today. This Alyosha’s initiative was supported by Greenpeace.

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