“Amanda Tenfjord’s Eurovision staging represents loss and absence”, says Fokas Evagelinos

Fokas Evagelinos has a rich track record when it comes to staging a Eurovision entry. This year, he staged a smaller entry for the first time for Greece: “Die together” by Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord. At the Eurovision 2022 press conference he explains the concept behind this staging.

“It was important for me to keep it small this year. Because the silence sometimes speaks louder than the human voice.” The most important aspects are the concepts of loss and absence.

Find out more about why Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord has melting chairs on the Eurovision stage:

“Fokas really understood me,” Amanda Tenfjord adds. “We talked for hours about the feelings of the song, and what I wanted to say with it. He has always seen me, and therefore the staging and the movements are natural to me.”