Andorra: RTVA to quit the European Broadcasting Union

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Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra, S.A, intends to quit the European Broadcasting Union for good. This means that Andorra will not participate in Eurovision Song Contest, ever again – unless they decide to rejoin at a later date. The reason is due to RTVA facing massive problems with finances, leading to a withdrawal from the EBU post.

Because of Andorran economical crisis, the Andorran government has cut the budget for RTVA from 3.4 to 2.8 million euros. To avoid the financial problems, the broadcaster had to quit the European Broadcasting Union, and also the associations with other channels.

Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra (Radio and Television of Andorra) had become a full member of E.B.U. in 2002. Their first Eurovision participation was back in 2004 in Istanbul, Turkey. They participated a total of 6 times and never qualified to the final. They withdrew in 2010 after their bad result in 2009, represented by Susanne Georgi’s “Get a life”, which finished 15th out of 18th in the semifinal stage. Susanne Georgi was and will be the last Andorran representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, unless RTVA can return at some point in the future.

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