Anna Bergendahl and Dotter through to Melodifestivalen final

Anna Bergendahl and Dotter make it through to the Melodifestivalen final. Veterans Jan Johansen and Linda Bengtzing are eliminated.

Dotter gave a very impressive performance with her Sia styled song. The lights in her performance are actually designed to bounce off the mirrored panels on her clothes.

Bergendahl and Dotter will join The Mamas and former winner Robin Bengtsson in the Stockholm final. Meanwhile, Paul Rey and Méndez will compete in Andra Chansen, the second chance round on 29 February. They will join Malou Prytz and Felix Sandman who made it to Andra Chansen last week.

Another early elimination for Linda Bengtzing in Melodifestivalen

Tonight represents yet another early elimination for Linda Bengtzing. As with several of her previous attempts, Bengtzing has not made it through to the Melodifestivalen final or Andra Chansen round.

Meanwhile, Anna Bergendahl is hoping for a chance to redeem her infamous non-qualification to the Eurovision final in 2010. She will continue her journey in Stockholm on 7 March at Friends Arena.