Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli to Düsseldorf

Anna Rossinelli has been chosen to represent Switzerland at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “In Love For A While”. Her song won the Swiss national selection “Die Grosse Entscheidungs Show”, and beat off 11 other participants to win.

Anna’s song was the favourite of the televoters, and also clear favourite of the expert panel – who although did not have an opportunity to make up part of the result, they were able to express their favourites toward the end of the show.

Anna Rossinelli was born on 20th April 1987 in Basel. From an early age she loved to sing, and attended classes in school focusing on Music. At the age of 16, she attended the Jazzschool of Basel, where she studied vocals, music theory, and piano lessons.

Anna had her first stage experience at the age of 13 as a soloist. She joined an acapella group the following year, and also joined a pop-rock band. Since then, she has worked in and with a number of different bands, including “The Monotones” and “The Fabulous Tools”. She has extensive stage experience and has participated in various studio projects.

Today, she is part of the pop-soul trio “Anne Claire”. This year, after training in specialist care for the disabled she continued to work as a singer.

You can find the lyrics of “In Love For A While” on our partner website “4LYRICS” here, and a below, you can see the performance from Anna at the selection.

The full results of the national final are:

1. Anna Rossinelli – In love for a while 23.93%
2. Bernarda Brunovic – Confidence 13.36%
3. Ilira & The Colors – Home 13.05%
4. CH – Gib nid uf 11.73%
5. The Glue – Come what may 8.21%
6. Sarah Burgess – Just me 7.70%
7. Aliose – Sur les paves 6.49%
8. Polly Duster – Up to you 4.36%
9. Andrina – Drop of drizzle 3.30%
10. Scilla – Barbie Doll 2.88%
11. Duke – Waiting for ya 2.66%
12. Dominique Borriello – Il ritmo dentro di noi 2.33%

You will be able to find an exclusive interview with Anna, the host, and the other participants of the selection on our website very soon! Also, for those who were not able to watch the selection the first time round – a repeat will be made at 04.10 CET on Sunday, 12th December.