Arilena Ara to fly the flag for Albania

Arilena Ara emerged victorious in the 2019 Festivali i Këngës final. With her song “Shaj”, she won the right to represent Albania in Eurovision 2020.

Airlena was not a fan favourite right from the start. However, by impressing both the viewing public in Albania and around Europe, and the jury, she will now fly the flag for Albania in Rotterdam.

Arilena Ara sings “Shaj” live in the Festivali i Këngës Grand Final 2019:

More information about Arilena Ara

Arilena Ara is a singer by trade. She has competed in many other competitions including season 2 of the Albanian X-Factor which she ended up winning. Her career spans back as far as 2014. She was also a coach on the third season of The Voice Kids in Albania.

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